"Smuggler's Blues", Part I - Video/Photo Set - September 7, 2015

65 photos; 6:06 video

Featuring Special Guest Damsel, KristynaDark!

What do you do when you're a XXXX smuggler, in search of someone to fly a plane full of XXXXs to South America? Simple. You capture two airline pilots and XXXX them to fly the plane to South America!

That is what happens to these two airline pilots, in another segment of my "Double Damsel Perils" Series. Taken captive by the XXXX smuggler, they are being held just outside of an underground, secret basement. Hands and legs tied tightly with zip ties, their mouths securely tape gagged, they learn of the Smuggler's plans for their future. This is day one of their captivity, before they are transported to a holding cell, before they fly the plane!

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