DID Adventure Series

DID Adventure Series!

Each month on Transformed By Bondage, I feature one of my Adventure Series, with both the photo set and video of each series. This page is dedicated to describing, in detail, each one of my Adventure Series that I feature on my site from time to time.  I am always put into different kinds of perilous predicaments for each Series, and as my site continues to evolve and grow, I will be adding new, exciting, erotic, and sexy adventures to feature, and these new Series will also be listed on this page. So, on with the show!


1. "The Held For Ransom Files" - A very classic themed DID Series. Some typical and some not-so-typical damsels, captured, and held for ransom in very dark, dirty, underground locations. Let's call this a Release and Reward Adventure Series. Because in this Series, the ransom, or the cost of being freed and released,  could be anything, not just money. Ransoms could be a complete takeover of a corporation, a blackmail scenario, a forced signature on a contract to become a bondage model, or even an exchange for a former lover! Classic scenes with a new, creative twist! But, no worries! The scenes with the prisoner on the mattress, helpless, with the captor making the ransom call, will always be this Series' calling card!


2. "Double Damsel Perils!" - Everyone loves two damsels, tied, gagged, helpless, and struggling! Sometimes together. Sometimes apart. Twice the escape attempt action, and twice the gag talk! My Guest Damsels are always beautiful, leggy, and very sexy women.I only work with THE most talented female bondage models in the business. Not only are they beautiful and sexy, but they all are outstanding actresses, as well. Featured are plenty of pantyhosed, and high heeled predicaments So, you're in for a real treat with this Series, where you can see some of the best bondage models in The United States, or even outside the grand ole' USA. Right here, on Transformed By Bondage!  Enjoy!


3. "Hand Gagged!" - Another unique Series, especially designed for fans of over-the-mouth hand gagging, seduction, and breath play. The scenes in this Series will always involve the ever popular chair tie, with various damsels of all types and looks. The hand gagging, the seduction, and the breath play will always involve one of my resident villains. From The Clown Princess to The Nylon Bandit, the villains will be seen groping, fondling, tying, gagging, and generally molesting their poor captives. Lots of intense action in this Series!

4. "Home Invasions!" - This Series is all about unsuspecting victims of crime.  Tied up, gagged, and held captive. Held prisoner in their own homes. Typically,  there is only one damsel in these scenes. But, I have been known to write scenes for "Home Invasions!", that involve the use of double damsels, bringing in a Guest Damsel. There is quite a wide variety of villains used for this Series. Though, I do lean more towards burglar and robber type characters, the villain could be a repair woman, an office boss, a jealous ex-lover, a nosy neighbor, or even a secret admirer. You get the picture! This is one juicy Adventure Series where you can expect the unexpected! And love every minute of it! I do have plans to combine several of these adventures into a series of "Home Invasions!" full length DVDs.


5. "Boots And Sweater Bondage" - Now, be honest! Who doesn't love the sight of a tightly bound, tightly gagged, captive prisoner, dressed in a tight sweater and 5" and 6" high heeled boots! Such a classic damsel look. Perfect for just about any perilous predicament imaginable. Varied sweater attire and the sexiest of high heeled boots are what this Series is all about. And, of course, the struggle that takes place during our fair damsel's helpless escape attempts! 

6. "Missing Persons" - A very unique Series on Transformed By Bondage. Scenes where I am tightly bound, tightly gagged, helpless, and struggling to escape. But, there is no scenario or plot, and no ever- present  villain. These scenes are just struggling vignettes only. Designed especially for those of you that love to watch a damsel struggle against her bonds, and moan through her gag. But, here's the thing about the "Missing Persons" series. The featured damsels are ALWAYS one of my damsel characters, all of whom are listed on the "My Helpless Damsels" page, here on site. I could be attired as The Chairman Of The Board, The Hollywood Starlet, The Librarian, The Airline Pilot, etc. This is my favorite Series! I love playing characters, and I love to struggle! Especially in floor ties! A Series dedicated to damsels gone missing!


7. "Bound And Hooded!" - Nylon stocking and pantyhose hoods, spandex hoods, breath play bags, leather hoods. You will get all this and more in this Series, that specializes in scenes that involve the use of various types of diabolical hoods, in combination with tight, over-the-mouth gags! Trapped in nylon, spandex, and leather hoods, these damsels will always be sight and sound deprived for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment!


8. "Pantyhose Exposed!" - Lovers of shapely, sexy legs, in platform and stilletto high heels, and nylon pantyhose, this Series is for you! As an added bonus, skirts for these scenes are either removed or pulled up, creating full pantyhose exposure, encased and held captive in tight bondage. Another series with no dialogue or villain, just pure focus on the helpless damsels' struggles in her exposed predicaments. Each scene of this Series will have different and various damsel characters, restraints, gags, positions, and settings, with pantyhose exposure being the one and only constant, in this Series!


9."Harmony Revivals"- Harmony Concepts, without a doubt, was the single biggest influence on me starting to produce and model for damsel-in-distress content. This Series is how I decided to pay tribute to all of the great bondage, scenarios, and characters, that were part of the content that Harmony Concepts produced. In this Series, you will see scenes, taken directly from  Harmony videos, re-enacted by Transformed By Bondage Productions as closely as possible, with a few of my creative twists tastefully added. Damsel-In-Distress adventures, created by The Masters, that I am bringing back, to remind all, where today's bondage came from, and was developed! You won't see anything like this any where else in the bondage industry! Only here, on Transformed By Bondage!







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