• The Damsel Diaries (March 6, 2015)

    The Damsel Diaries: Behind-The-Scenes

    Welcome to my blog, where you will get up-to-date information on everything that is going on behind-the-scenes on Transformed By Bondage! This page features inside info on upcoming Guest Damsels that I will be shooting with in the future, scenes and current shoots that I have just finished filming, happenings within the bondage industry that I am involved with, and anything else that will directly impact Transformed By Bondage now, or in the future!


    March 6 - I have decided to begin a new blog, as I am beginning a brand new phase of my career that I am very excited about. I will only be working with my long time production crew of Amalieve and Sir Robert on a very limited basis, if at all. What does that mean? All exciting things! New people to work with with fresh new visions of erotic content. More sexual in nature. Lots of brand new settings to shoot in. So, always a wide variety of scenery. The implementation of filming other bondage TV's and modeling in double damsel scenes with other TV's, which I have never done. A brand new look for Transformed By Bondage. It is time for a change, and I look forward to the content that I will now be producing. The content on my site will be slowly switching over in May, to new, kick ass TV damsel-in-distress bondage! Just for you!

  • "The Honorary Members Of My Damsel Family" (December 6, 2013)


                               This is the "Hats Off To Roy Harper" tribute section of my site!

    ("Hats Off To Roy Harper" is off of Led Zeppelin II, in case your wondering what that's all about! The mighty Led Zeppelin is one of my top three favorite bands. The other two being Rush and The Doobie Brothers (The classic Doobie Brothers with Tom Johnston, not The Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald)!

    For me personally, this is a section that had to be included somewhere on my site. I felt that The Blog area was an appropriate location for me to thank each and every person that I've met, since I started this journey, who has stood by me, supported me, and had an impact on my life, involving me playing the role of Joyce Alexander, the bound and gagged damsel in captivity. Too often in life, people don't take the time to recognize individuals or groups that have helped to shape their lives and who have played a major part in their success. I am very humbled to have worked closely with all the people who are on the following list and I am honored to have gotten to know them personally. So, without further adieu, My "Precious And Grace" Thank You's go out to the following:

    The Cast and Crew Of

    Sandra Silvers - For accepting me and allowing me to be part of her family here at XSiteability .com. It is an honor to be a member of such a high caliber line-up of quality websites. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Ben and The Tech Staff: - Thanks for all your patience, time, and effort, in helping me set-up and maintain my site. You are all true professionals and worthy of innumerable thank you's. And thanks for putting up with all my stupid questions!


    Amalieve - What can I say here? Amalieve took me "under her wing" and has mentored me every step of the way on this journey. No one has had more of an impact on Joyce Alexander than Amalieve. She believed in me when everyone else ignored me and accepted me for who I am with open arms. She challenges me at every corner and pushes me to progress and improve with every shoot. What I don't know, she teaches me. What I do know, she tells me it's not good enough and encourages me to work harder. I absolutely love this about her. Thank you's are simply not enough in her case, but, they'll have to do, for now!

    SirRobert- I've always just concentrated on the modeling end of things for a shoot. Now, I also do all the production of the scenes. But, I never paid much attention to the photography and video end of things. That is, until now. Over the last couple of months, I have become increasingly amazed at the talent and vision that Sir Robert has with a camera and/or video camera. Before I met Sir Robert, I took it for granted that the pics and vids take care of themselves. But now, after watching him work and operate, I realize that the part that he plays in all of this, is just as important as anyhting else involved in a successful shoot. He is the invaluable man behind-the-scenes that nobody sees, but everyone notices (whether they know it or not). To an amazing man and talent, Thank You!


    Seetherfrom ""- If anyone is going to be successful at anything, they're going to need help. A few times. on this incredible journey of mine, I have unknowingly been sent down a path that has resulted in me meeting and working with very well known and influential people in this business. This was the case with Seether, who befriended me, and has imparted his extensive knowledge onto me whenever I've really needed it. From legal concerns to how to hire and handle other models, he has been there for me every step of the way. He offered to put a 50 picture Guest Gallery on his website. He went above and beyond the call of duty and designed the banner for my site, and in the process, improved the title and concept of my site. as well. Again, thank you's just aren't enough. Thanks, my friend and much continued success to you!

    KiraandMark, of "Hosed And" - I've always been a huge fan of this site because of my preoccupation with the combination of hosiery and tight bondage. When I first got to having conversations with Mark (if you're talking to Mark, you're really talking to Kira, too), there was an immediate connection and our friendship developed from there. They've always supported my work and stood behind me when I needed it. It was Kira and Mark , who sent me in the direction of Sandra Silvers and XSite. For that alone, I am grateful. Without you, " Transformed By Bondage" would not exist. My eternal thanks to both of you. And may you both continue on your path of excellence with your site!

    My Guest Female Damsels:

    KristynaDark  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- Once in a blue moon, on very rare occasions, life sends you "the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" From my very first correspondence with Kristyna, there was a chemistry between us that can't be described in words. As we planned our first shoot together, it became more and more obvious and intense. When we finally did our shoot, a whole new world of bondage modeling opened up for me. I experienced a fun and enjoyment that I had never felt before. I didn't want the shoot to end and wished it could have lasted at least a week. Kristyna's performance, class, and personality, created a new energy level that I can never retreat from now. I am so grateful for her enthusiasm and excitement that led to such a great shoot. We've since become friends and have agreed that she should be a regular Guest Damsel/Villain on my site. She is an official member of my Damsel Family and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with her on a regular basis. How's that for a "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"?

    DakkotaGrey  from GrandRapids, Michigan- One of the most genuine women that I have ever met. Dakkota actually came across as a little shy the first time that we met for our first shoot together. But, by the time our first scene was over with, that was no longer the case. Dakkota is extremely versatile and can play any role with equal abandon. She is also a great actress and thrives at playing the villain, as well as portraying a superb damsel. With one of the best pair of legs that I have ever seen, Dakkota has seductive eyes and that girl-next-door look that truly makes her a highly valued damsel on my site. And she never stops supporting my work and advertises my site every chance she gets. That, in itself, is precious! Thanks Dakkota, for all you do!

    DixieComet from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - One of the true darlings of the bondage industry, I was blown away by how really beautiful Dixie is in person. Her photos don't do her justice. Her grand looks and seductive eyes, aside, Dixie can do it all. She always exceeds my expectations for performance and professionalism. Total cooperation with what I am looking for, for any particular scene. Another avid supporter of my site, Dixie's personality is very up front and matter-of- fact. One of the many things that I dig about her. Dixie is a great struggler and knows exactly how to effectively portray a damsel in any given situation. As good on video as she is in photos, I am once again honored to have Dixie Comet as a member of My Damsel Family!

    PhoenixGold, from Ontario, Canada - I knew that there was something very special about Phoenix the very first time that I met her. We have gotten to know each other well and have become good friends. Phoenix is a true professional, and out of all the people that I have worked with in this industry, she is perhaps the easiest to work with, and the most fun. She is very receptive to any ideas that I present, and goes above and beyond "the call of duty" to insure that a shoot with her will be successful. And, as a bonus, she has one of the best pair of legs in the business. Phoenix is an excellent struggler, and the chemistry that we have together on the set is out of the ordinary. I am very honored to work with such a beautiful professional, and very honored to have Phoenix on my site, and to have her as a member of My Damsel Family!

    Gigi, from New Briton, Connecticut - I had always wanted to shoot with Gigi since I first saw pics of her bound and gagged. Her look is so classic, and similar to my look in many ways. And her legs are just so gorgeous. She was on my bucket list of the top ten models that I wanted to work with from the time that my site started, back in April of 2011. Call it fate. Call it Karma. Somehow, we eventually hooked up and did our first shoot together, with many more to come. For an internationally known model, and someone, who, in my opinion, is a legend, Gigi was incredibly easy to work with in the pre-planning of our shoot. But, meeting her in person, I have not met a more wonderful person in this business. Personable, friendly, and just a blast to be around. As a performer, she was even more than I expected, which was a lot. By far, the best struggler that I have ever worked with, her energy on set is unmatched. She really is a true professional, in every sense of the word. I am blessed to have worked with her.  And I am lucky to know her
    Underline on a business level. I am quite honored and humbled to include Gigi as an honorary member of My Damsel Family!

    My Guest TV Damsels:

    LisaLopez, fromSpain - A gorgeous TV, great legs, a penchant for tight bondage, OTM gags, and my favorite, nylon stocking hoods. I met Lisa on FetLife and we have become good friends and she was kind enough to send me a gallery of photos that I posted on my site in June, 2011. I had a great response to her presence on my site and we have future plans for her to travel to The United States to personally model for my site in our Tombstone locations. Love this girl!

    Naughty Nina, from The UK, England - Nina is the #1 TV damsel in England. Very attractive, a great set of legs, and producing some of the best TV damsel content on The Net! I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with Naughty Nina, Her creativity in DID scenes is amazing, as she is a Producer, as well as a model. I am truly honored to be working with such a sexy damsel, and we have decided to continue to work together in the future, for each other's sites. And btw, Nina is a truly incredible person, as well! I dream for the day when we can work together, side by side, in person!


    Dina Truss, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Dina and I were introduced on Fetlife, and I immediately became a fan of her look and of her work. Great legs, gorgeous hosed feet in pantyhose, tight bondage, mouth filling gags, classic damsel settings, and inescapable helplessness. I was the first to feature her on a site of magnitude, and I am very proud to have Dina as a member of My Damsel Family. She has earned her place by putting herself out there, which very few CD/TV's ever get up the "balls" to do. That characteristic, alone, earns my respect!


    Emilia, from Germany - Another TV that I met on Fetlife. Emilia was more than happy to send me photo sets and videos to feature on my site. In return, I was featured on her site, the #1 TV damsel site in Germany. Emilia's bondage style is very unique, and her videos follow the same trait. What really attracted me to Emilia's work, was her use of pantyhose for sleeves and hoods in scenes. Not something you see every day. Very proud, once again, to have Emilia as part of my Damsel Family! Really great video work!

    My Guest Villains:

    Mister Charles from Covington, Kentucky: - An absolute talent at being evil and diabolical, Mister Charles is a professional actor who can play any villainous role that is required of him with equal abandon. A great imagination and a producer himself, Mister Charles has committed to returning many more times for appearances on my site and will be starting a site of his own in the near future. MC is a blast to work with and brings a very unique character to any scene that I do with him. Our videos together are magical!

    My True Blue Fans:

    The Sailor Man - This is the only person on this list not directly involved with this business, but one who has had quite an impact on Joyce Alexander. Another of those who has always stood beside me and supported me. I never take that for granted. The Sailor Man was the first member on my site and has never wavered in how much he likes my work, how I look, and who I am. And he's the only person that ever had the balls big enough to actually kidnap me for real (with a little planning, of course). Thanks for all you've done for me. It means the world to me!

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