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This is the page that is dedicated to the stars of this show! All of my damsel characters that always end up in perilous predicaments of some kind. These characters are what Transformed by Bondage is centered around, and based on. They are at the very core of my site, and what this site is really all about. And now (drum roll, please), a detailed description of all of the damsel characters that are featured on Transformed By Bondage!

    1. The Nosy Reporter - Everyone's favorite reporter, who gets helplessly tied up and gagged for snooping around where her nose doesn't belong! Will she never learn? Probably not! One of the top damsels on Transformed By Bondage! This damsel is always seen in tie, business blouse, skirt, and heels, along with the traditional reporter's hat. And, don't forget the traditional glasses look!

    2: The Chairman Of The Board - My most popular damsel by far. The Chairman has made the mistake of firing the wrong people. All of whom have a vendetta against her, with nothing but revenge on their mind. The Chairman is characterized by always being attired in business wear, always in a Red mini skirt, Red heels, and usually, matching Red duct tape bondage!

    3. Captured Secretary Carolyn Hunter - Another character always in business attire featuring pantyhose, tight mini skirts, and very high, high heels. Captured, bound, and gagged for any number of reasons, that might involve the underhanded, criminal activity that goes on in the world of big business. And besides, who really needs a good reason to tie a secretary up? I thought so!

    4. Amber Morgan, The Hollywood Starlet - I really wanted to, in some way or another, get a Hollywood Legend involved in Transformed By Bondage. So, I came up with "The Hollywood Starlet" character, a movie star that is usually attired in either silver or gold, very leggy outfits. Everyone wants The Starlet for some reason. And the oh-so-familiar restraints and a good gag usually get them what they want. The end result being The Hollywood Starlet, "The Glamour Girl", tied and gagged for business, and/ or someone's pleasure!

    4.  Sara Anderson, Real Estate Agent - The most evil, conniving, dirty, sexy, helpless, leggy damsel on my site. Sara is a ruthless business woman that will stop at nothing to get what she wants and needs. The Sale! But, she pays the price for her evilness! Too sexily attired for her own good, she suffers the consequences in tight gags, and inescapable bondage!

    5. Gangster Madame St. Clair -A real life gangster who ruled Harlem in the 1930's, running a gambling empire with her gang, "The Forty Thieves". On Transformed In Bondage, St. Clair is pitted against her arch nemesis, Dutch Schultz ( played by Amalieve). This is classic damsel vs. villain scenarios on very gangster-like sets. St. Clair is always clad in classic gangster hat, top, skirt, and heels. A very unique damsel. A woman of power overtaken by someone even stronger!

    6. The Retro Bondagette - This damsel is my way of linking back to the past. When damsels were really damsels. Tied in polka dots and classic heels in the 1930's. Bound as a diner waitress from the 1950's. Helpless and in peril as a Harmony Concepts bondage model in the 1970's. You get the picture! This is my way of going back in time, and bringing back damsels that no one does any more! These damsels have to be brought back for one more run!

    7. Joyce Swanson, Private Investigator - A very sexily clad P.I., in hat, trench coat, business suit, short tight skirt, pantyhose, and high heels. The perfect victim, because of the dangerous business that she works in. Fortunately, for us, this P.I. has a penchant for getting herself into some very perilous predicaments and tight situations! Always involving captivity and the bondage that goes along with it. All the better for my pretty!

    10. French Maid Audra Blair The combination of pantyhose, fishnets, 6" stiletto pumps, and the traditional off-the-shoulder maid uniform always makes for a delicious damsel-in-distress. Usually the bound and gagged victim of her boss, house guests, or just secret admirers. Or being punished for not performing her duties in the proper manner. This is a damsel that oozes sexuality!

     11.Nurse Tanya Golding - A slutty, but innocent nurse in 6" stiletto pumps, entangled in a web of helplessness at the hands of evil medical professionals, and diabolical criminals. A prisoner because of how she looks, what she does, and the business that she works in! A pity she has to end up bound and gagged, helpless, and subject to whatever her captor has in mind!

The Helpless Whore - Always attired in either leopard or zebra print attire, and the highest of heels. A dirty girl, in a dirty business, who ends up in dirty situations and predicaments. But, I have left this damsel character open to either being a street whore, or a high priced escort! So, you never know what you'll get with this damsel. Except, you know it will be dirty, tied and gagged, helplessness!

    13. Cocktail Waitress, Sharon Waite - Clad in a tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, black Hottskirt, Casino hose, and 6" stiletto heels, this cocktail waitress never does the right things, for either her bosses, or her customers, and always pays the price. The perfect damsel to keep tape gagged and zip tied, in a dirty, filthy basement in the middle of nowhere! For a long period of time!

    14. The Librarian - Super intelligent, book smart, and very sexy in tight skirt, heels, hose, and sweaters, with the ever present glasses look. But, when The Library closes at night, the villains always turn up at her door step, to tie, gag, humiliate, grope, and fondle this bespectacled beauty!

    15. The Border Patrol Agent  - This is the damsel that protects us all from evil crossing over into our borders. Trouble is, she crosses the paths of all of the worst criminals in the world, and always ends up the victim of their diabolical intentions!

    16. Police Officer Angie Stevens - "The Good Cop", protecting the innocent from the bad intentions of criminals, and even from fellow law enforcement officers. Attired in a classic cop uniform and 6" spike heels, you'll see Angie Stevens bound, gagged, and helpless, the victim of her own good intentions, in captivity and imprisonment!

    17. Stewardess Erika Santos - The classic damsel that is always in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. Her line of work brings her in contact with very evil, diabolical characters, all over the world. And, by the way, Miss Santos will not be making her next flight. She seems to be a little tied up at the moment!


    18. D.A. Dana Michaels - When someone works with criminals. day in and day out, they're bound to find themselves in a whole lot of trouble from time to time. Such is the case for our precious District Attorney. Business suits and attire are the norm for Miss Michaels, as are tight ropes, even tighter gags, and inescapable predicaments. Captured and held by both criminals and law enforcement officers.


    19. Inspector Shirley Holmes - This damsel character is a play on Detective Sherlock Holmes. Miss Holmes is an "old school" Detective, who always gets the bad end of the deal, and never gets her man! The never ending victim of crime, criminals, and perilous predicaments!

Coming Soon: My New Damsel Characters:

Airline Captain Janet Gordon
The Sports Bar Waitress
1950's Diner Waitress Shirley Laverne

Private First class Vanessa Wilcox

and Miss America!

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