The Held For Ransom Files: "The Lawyer's Wife" - Video - April 5

10:35 video

Amalieve reads in the newspaper, that her boyfriend is being tried for murder. There's no way she is going to let this happen. The lawyer that is trying the case, must have a pretty wife or girlfriend!The lawyer's wife is taken hostage and held in a unknown basement location. Duct taped to a chair and gagged, She is told by the murderer's girlfriend, that she is to be used as a bargaining chip, to get her husband to drop the case against her boyfriend.The call is made to the lawyer. His wife, the prisoner, tries in vain to get him to hear her during the call. Finally, she is allowed 5 seconds to speak with him. He reluctantly agrees, but informs his wife's captor, that it will take a week to get the paperwork finalized.What will happen to the lawyer's wife during the next week? How will she survive a week gagged and bound? Will she really be let go, when the deal is done? Or does her captor have other plans for her?

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